Top 3 Excuses for Weight Loss Stalling 

Fat2Fab 180 : Day 148

1. Finances and Relocation

I couldn’t have prepared myself for what was planned for us during Part 1 of my weight loss journey. Because of a variety of reasons, choices, and circumstances–my husband and I went through quite a season for which we did not plan. Relocating (again) across the country quickly, this time with 2 children and dog,  was difficult! THRIVE remained consistent, but my diet and exercise did not. If there is anything I have learned over this first 180 days is that I will not see results unless I am doing BOTH watching my nutrition and exercising!

Do you find you need to exercise and watch your nutrition to experience weight loss??? Please share! 

2. Introspection and Spiritual Life

As an INTJ Introverted Mommy, going through such drastic changes, having so much beyond my control, no plan, and going from having a whole house to myself for my family to sharing space with a total of 8 people, 2 dogs, and a very noisy bird — I had a much longer period of adjustment than most people would require. If you are an introvert with sensory aversions, you know the amount of quite alone time it takes to recoup energy….and what happens if you aren’t able to find that…. It took approximately two months of searching for balance, trying out different approaches, and intentionally rebuilding my relationship with Christ in order to gain the wisdom I needed to understand everything that was happening and had happened. Thank God, the tide of understanding is beginning to turn!

Do you relate to being an introvert with sensory aversions? Are you INTJ? Do you live in a multigenerational home?  Please share! 


3. Wishful Thinking

Okay, I will admit, the last reason I stalled was a bi-product of laziness and sheer optimism. I was thinking I could somehow morph into one of those people who lose a ton of weight because of the amount of stress on my shoulders! You know how people say that? “Oh, I honestly am not even trying to lose weight, I have just been so stressed!” hmmm….that clearly is not my story. Then I thought that I will start working out again and BOOM weight loss. Also, not my story. Through working on myself, my relationship with Christ, and journaling – I feel ready to pick up the reigns of the Fat2Fab journey again – both nutrition and exercise!

Have you ever hoped that you could just ‘forget about it’ and weight loss would happen on its own? How did you regain the motivation to keep going with the entire journey?  Please share! 


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Michelle Eliason

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