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Morning Coffee Perspective

Being INTJ on the introversion spectrum comes with pros and cons, but I know this for certain-- being an introverted 'INTJ' mommy requires God and coffee. 

I am trying something new where I take the first 10 minutes out of my day (mostly when my children and grandmother are up and eating) to sip on some coffee, establish perspective, and begin my day with thankfulness! 

I will follow my own acronym - TIME 

(T) Thankfulness (I) Introspection (M)Mother Goals (E) Eternal Mindset


Join me! What is your morning coffee perspective? Do you have your 'TIME'? Comment Below!

October 26 - TIME - My Days Are Numbered


(T) 3 Things for which I am Thankful: 

  1.  Internet - I have made so many friendships online through entrepreneurship, networking, and blogging which allows me to have relationships without stressing about 'time'.  
  2. Yesterday was a great day with THRIVE - almost hit <25 carbs for the day, and had a great workout!
  3.  Hope - even though I have no idea when the tide will turn- I have hope that each day I wake is a new day for which the Lord has a special purpose to impact the whole journey. 

(I) A moment of Introspection : The feelings/thoughts I am bringing into the day: 

One of the hardest things about being a mother is that my time is no longer my own. Selfish or not, I loved my own time. Time to think about what I wanted to do, hobbies in which I could to partake, picking up and going to the store on a whim, going to the gym whenever I wanted to go, sleeping in till whenever, going to bed whenever, having evenings of stillness and serenity to recoup energy for the days ahead..... I miss my time. It's defintely something I took for granted in my singleness or even the early days of marriage! Even after 3 years,  I still find myself waking up frustrated when I am abruptly woken up by my toddler. Long gone are the days of 'easing into the morning'. If I wake up do my children. It has been and still is one of my greatest challenges in this season of my life! 

I keep thinking of the song, "You're gonna miss this" (Video at the bottom of the post) and it always brings me to tears. It's true, time goes by so fast. I miss every season of life that I rushed through. I am learning to enjoy the season I am in, and I know God is giving me the time to do that. I get so frustrated that God doesn't seem to be bringing us out of this season of my life, but I know He is helping His daughter value time and value the moments He is giving me to be with my children and family. Time to do other things. Instead of rushing THROUGH, I need to find value IN. 

(M) My number one goal as a mother: 

VALUE time with my children, especially the moments of frustrations. I will miss these days. 

(E) My eternal mindset reminder: 

"Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom." Psalm 90:12

Lord, thank you for calming my heart down this morning and giving me perspective. I want my time to be my own so badly sometimes, but I know I will miss these moments. Please help me to focus on the current day, the current moment, the current relationships, and my current ministries and responsibilities instead of living in the past and future. Teach me to number my days, and live each day to the fullest. 


October 21 – TIME – Surrender is Exhausting


(T) 3 Things for which I am Thankful: 

  1.  My in-laws agreed to hang out with the kids last night and this morning so that Jordan and I could have a minute to ourselves and get some major errends done this morning without distractions!
  2. Waking up to the stillness of a relatively empty house and being able to drink an entire cup of coffe uninterrupted
  3. So thankful that every day is a fresh start so begin again. The past is forgiven and a new season of life is ahead of me!

(I) A moment of Introspection : The feelings/thoughts I am bringing into the day: 

I carry a lot of baggage into today, but I purposing in my mind to let go of that which is behind. If you have ever had to let go of something that is behind you, yet still tethered onto you–you know what difficulty that can be! My house in Nebraska is weighing on me, in some ways my heart is still there. What goodness can come from not being able to sell our family home in another state? What purpose can God have for allowing a piece of our name to remain in the last chapter? I feel until it is sold, that chapter cannot be closed. Therefore, I daily surrender it to God. Surrender is exhausting……

I am beginning to have anxiety of a new week starting with 7 other people and two dogs making continous noise. There is no solace and no reprieve for someone who is hypersensitive to the stimuli around her. Everything is so loud and coping with the noise is exhausting in and of itself. How can I take my classes and work on my business launch when everything in me is exhausted from being a mother to my two beautiful amazing children, wrangler to the two dogs that always bark and fight, and a caregiver to my grandmother? I daily surrender my shortcomings and quirks to God. Surrender is exhausting….

(M) My number one goal as a mother: 

When I pick up my children today- I will be representation of a”new start’. My number one goal is to not lose my temper today.

(E) My eternal mindset reminder: 

“Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up.” James 4:10

Lord, I can’t have a fresh start without you allowing me to do so. I have a lot anxieties regarding things in my past and things in my future–none of which I have power over. I know you have all of the power. You direct steps and you have access to resources I do not have. I humble myself before you and ask that you lift me up to firm and peaceful ground.



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